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War Ruins Aeris – Campaign

Roughly seventy-five years ago, in the nation of Zinnaeris, the remains of an ancient city were uncovered. Following the discovery of the city, another major discovery occurred. A particular common gem stone was found to possess the ability to communicate with distant people. Experimentation with the stones led soon after to the contact with many foreign nations and the development of a single common language. With a common language, advances in science, medicine, cosmology, all flourished rapidly as nations began to realize they were communicating with people from all areas of a spherical world. The stone became known as telephite.

Zinnaeris held control over this communication, as for some reason, no other countries could initiate contact, but only be recipients. In time, a few others managed to find out how to make it work, and began to contact other nations on their own. All of this interaction spurred desires for a better understanding of the world, and nations funded many expeditions to map their continents, the seas, and to set out in search of these other nations. During the last two decades, what is believed to be a complete global map has been compiled due to the peaceful sharing between nations without the ability to dispute over territory, and excited over these great discoveries. Even bordering nations halted tensions in light of these changes.

But with the conclusion of the greatest undertaking of the global community, and the knowledge of the encroaching borders of expansion from neighboring countries during exploration, the peace and sharing were replaced by intrigue and politics. Now, the tension has built to the point that many feel that war may be just around the corner, and the connection with all the people of every part of the planet, Aeris, that had once been such a blessing, might bring them to the brink of war, a war that ruins Aeris.

Amid this growing turmoil, some have pointed to the curiosity of the ancient city, and rumors spread of its connection to events of the past, and potential for the future.

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