One thing I would like to do with the wiki-pages with details on nations and population centers is to provide a basic system for determining the availability of particular goods. Most of the time, we can just wave our hands, but if there is ever a question and dice need to come into play, I’ll use this system.

Also, if we have down time, players can use this and make their own rolls, rather than ask about everything they want. In those cases I’ll trust player rolls, even if you make them at home between games.

Equipment System:

Base: Next to some services will be a percentage, if there is no percentage listed, use the number next to “Services in this Town.” This represents the chance to acquire items from 0-10 gp. This number will be from 90-140%

11-100 gp -20%
101-500 gp -20%
501-1000 gp -30%
1001-5000 gp -30%
5001-10000 gp -30%

If the roll succeeds by 10 or less, then the item is not available but can be made, requiring anything from 1 day to 4 weeks, depending on the item, and costs 10% more.

If the roll fails by 10 or less, then the item is not available and cannot be made, but a merchant can acquire it for you elsewhere, requiring 2-8 weeks, depending on the item, and costs 20% more.

Scores of 110% or higher never require a roll. Scores lower than -10% cannot be acquired without special role-playing. (Thus items over $10,000 (level 11 items and level c. 16 rituals) will never be available on a die roll, even in the best places).

Quantity: If the chance is over 50%, than one successful roll indicates a reasonable quantity of object is available. If less than 50%, than a roll is required for each standard quantity. Any failed roll prevents rolls for the items for about 1 month.

(I will do the Capital City of Brelon’s Crest in Zinnaeris right away so you can see an example).


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