h3 General Cultural Perspectives

Angels, Demons, and Spirits
These very by culture:

Zinnaeris, Indril, & Otilannan – Angels & Demons are aspects of good and evil
Quisaadi – Spirits are typically good or evil, generally judged by their treatment of nature
Almedha – Angels are gentle, Demons are harsh, both are spirits of death, the distinction is subtle
Leria-Boule – Demons and Spirit Allies of Correllon
Unaatra & Brelyyn-Wandrys – Demons are prevalent, transcendent spirits are the honored departed
Jharyss – Some believe in spirits as another stage of life, for others the individual moves on
Leianaer, Sephiran, Argetlahn – Each only recognize the transcendent spirit of the individual
(For Sephiran, the spirit is evil, to the rest it is good)

Creatures of old myths, and the stories of fools and country bumpkins.

Shape Shifters
Accounts of shape shifters generally treat them as lycanthrope. They are more often regarded as exaggerated tales of encounters with natural creatures.

Belief in the spirits of the dead are prevalent in most places. Belief in the walking dead is less so, but childhood tales and the existence of magic make it more widely believed in than Dragons and Shape-shifters.


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