War Ruins Aeris

Session XIII

Cullen – Kalashtar Bard – (Steve)
Erithys – Elven Ranger – (Gretchen)
Kel’saris – Elven Ranger – (Ryan)
Landen – Elven Sorcerer – (Scott)
Muy Serio – Bullywug Monk – (Jason)
Wil – Half-Elven Blackguard – (Dustin)

Otherwise Occupied:
Ignavus – Human Cleric – (Chris)

Going Up

The group took the head of the Arborean “wizard” to the humans and showed the proof of their accomplishment. With some negotiation they gained the aid of three of their group (2 minions and an archer), information about what they learned of the next floor, merely the presence of a dragon, which caused them to flee after loosing some of their group, and their protection over the entrance pit.

The group tackled the stairs up, combating a harpy and two gargoyles with the faces of ancients. Bypassing the traps, they made their way to the upper floor.

Floor 2

The doors to the second floor open into a dull gray hallway. At the end, a solid wall, somewhat different from the other walls and a crystalline shaped indentation in the side wall. Placing a half-inch red crystal into the slot, the wall slid open (up and down). Removing the crystal caused the door to close suddenly. Inside was long hallway with similar doors along it’s sides.

Placing a crystal into one of these, the group heard words spoken in the language of the ancients and learned from the humans with them that they could prevent the door from opening by removing the crystal before the door was triggered.

Food Supply

Experimenting, the group found that the long blue crystal caused the fruit to grow faster in the way the arboreans were using it. They let the humans know that they could ensure the provision of food, provided they could get back down, thus dissuading them from any thoughts of trapping them on the second floor.



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