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Continent of Yllaeris

Yllaeris is the only continent with bordering countries with long established relationships. On other continents, until recently, countries were too distant to encounter each other.

o Zinnaeris – The nation which first discovered the function of telephite, and the origin of the “common” language. Geographically, the land has little elevation, but otherwise diverse regions.
Races: Human, Elf, Half-Elf
Languages: Zinnaerin (Common), choice of one other

o Quisaadi – Known as the original home of “the wander people,” the elves, Quisaadi was once more diverse in features, but is now almost exclusively forest, save for pockets of cleared land for cities.
Races: Elf
Languages: Common, Quisaadi

o Almedha – Originally this land belonged only to the halflings, they resisted the presence of other races. Most elves respected those feelings, but when something devastated the Halfling numbers, they welcomed elves to bolster the population.
Races: Halfling, Elf
Languages: Common, Almedhan

o Leria-Boule – The Eladrin claim a special status among the races as the oldest of them and live in relative isolation. Only a designated group operates the communication stones, and the contact with other peoples.
Races: Eladrin
Languages: Common, Lerian

Continent of Alusys

Alusys is a continent of two enormous parallel mountain ranges and a river valley between which leads to a fertile plain, speckled with other features.

o Unaatra – On the south-western mountain range of Alusys, the people of Unaatra live and hunt its grazing animals, supplementing their nutrition with the limited edible greenery grown there.
Races: Goliath
Languages: Common, Unaatran

o Jharyss – The fertile plains of an otherwise mountainous continent are inhabited by the gnomes who have begun to increase agricultural production for trade mountainous continental co-habitants.
Races: Gnome
Languages: Common, Jharyssian

o Brelynn-Wandrys – Two races share the mountain range of north-eastern Alusys. In the past, the dwarves lived primarily in its interior and the mul on its surface, but they now form a single nation and two races share a more blended society. Population densities reflect the past division.
Races: Dwarf, Mul
Languages: Common, Brelynnian

Continent of Araatis

The three dominant races on Araatic share a very common appearance. The only clear distinctions between them is the color of their skin and eyes. Each race shares a similar belief that the body is born and then inhabited by a soul or spirit. For each, their belief system explains the characteristic abilities of their race.

o Leianaer – Purple tinted skin and glossed eyes, the people of Leianaer have a strong, silent demeanor. The Leian people believe the soul is immortal, being reborn again and again.
Races: Deva
Languages: Common, Leian

o Sephiran – The Sephiran people are grey skinned and dark eyed. The Sephairan see the soul as a dark thing to be controlled and conquered. The body of this world must resist the spirit of darkness within.
Races: Shadar-kai
Languages: Common, Sephiran

o Argetlahn – The Arget are olive skinned and pale eyed. For these, the soul is the manifestation of dreams.
Races: Kalashtar
Languages: Common, Arget

Continent of Udolfcan

This continent is split by a massive bay and wasteland of tundra. The rest of its land see terribly hot sun in contrast the frozen tundra.

o Indril – The land of the drow is dominate by a vast desert and its people live primarily along the western coast and near the edge of the tundra, where clashing hot and cold produce a strip of fertile land.
Races: Drow
Languages: Common, Indril

o Otilannan – The duergar of Otilannan likewise populate the eastern coast and the fertile land between the tundra and the salt flats that dominate their lands.
Races: Duergar
Languages: Common, Otilannan

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