Spirit Stone


Spirit Stone +2
Level: ? Ancient
Cost: ? (probably black market only)

The plain rock which Erythis claims is connected to her spirit doe, which she placed on the enchanting pedestal in the Prison Pyramid.

Property: The effects of the Spirit Stone only apply to someone who has had continual possession of the stone for the last 24 hours.
2 Healing Surges: Gain Insubstantial until the end of the encounter.
Property Correct: Death Save = Twice Enhancement
Property: Never Thirst
Property: Equals your Bloodied Value
Property: Second Wind as a Free Action
Healing Surge: End one of these conditions: Stunned, Dazed, Dominated, Immobilized, Slowed

Summon Dodi (Daily)
Large Spectral Deer
Speed 8, Flight Speed 6
Can be ridden as a Mount by the summoner
Has no actions of its own, cannot attack or flank
Move: (Encounter) Dodi touches a target, the target heals as if it spent a healing surge
Dodi lasts until the end of the encounter.
Minor: Healing Surge sustain Dodi for an additional encounter.


Spirit Stone

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