Ring of Balance

Though its former owner is unknown, his or her devotion to non-violent conflict resolution is obvious.
Ring +4
Ancient Magic: B-5,R-5,Y-9
Ancient Property (I): The wearer gains a bonus to saves vs. time or aging effects equal to the enhancement bonus. If the effect has no save, the wearer gains an immediate save.
Ancient Property (I): Healing Surge, Standard (Daily): Aura (choose size: 0-5), time outside the aura stops until the end of the wearer's next turn. If anyone within the aura makes an attack or inflicts damage deliberately, the effect ends.
Ancient Property (I): Healing Surge, Minor: Sustain the time stop aura.
Ancient Property (II): The wearer may use their Second Wind action as a free action.
Ancient Property (II): The wearer's speed is increased by the enhancement bonus.
Ancient Property (II): Aura 10: All creatures that begin their turn within the aura gain regeneration 10.
Ancient Property (II): Aura 10: All creatures that begin their turn within the aura can only use their Standard actions to perform actions they could perform with a Move action or Minor action.
Ancient Property (II): Healing Surge, Free (At-Will): Move up to your speed.
Ancient Property (III): Permanent Healing Surge, Standard (At-Will): Casts the Raise Death ritual. Unlike the ritual, the deceased can only have been dead for a number of days equal to the enhancement bonus of the ring.
Ancient Property (III): Ancient I enchantments that required spending a healing surge to activate no longer require spending a healing surge.


Ancient Arcana Enchantments

  1. YRR (2 yellow charges & 1 red charge)
  2. YBRR (3 yellow charges, 2 blue charges & 1 red charges)
  3. YBRRR (4 yellow charges, 3 blue charges & 3 red charges)

Ring of Balance

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