Mantle of Elijah


Mantle of Elijah +5
Level: ? Ancient
Cost: ? (probably black market only)

This mantle is a simple, light blue cloak of wool. It has no distinguishing characteristics or qualities.

Property: No Action, the wearer can breathe under water.
Property: No Action, the wearer gains a swim speed equal to speed plus enhancement bonus.
Standard: Strike water with the mantle, slide up to 10 squares of water, each adjacent to at least one other square being slid (including the square struck), to any space adjacent to one of the original squares or adjacent to any square which has been moved by this process. This water and water adjacent to it does not follow the rules of gravity until the end of your next turn.
Sustain: Minor
Healing Surge: For each surge spent, increase the number of squares of water moved by 10.
Property: Any Fire Powers are not reduced by water
Property: The wearer gains the Aquatic Keyword
Healing Surge: The wearer can predict water hazards, weather, winds, and currents for 24 hours.
Healing Surge (Free): Can dominate a Natural Beast of Int of 3 or less (No attack, 1 round)
Property: Wearer gains Fire Resistance equal to enhancement bonus.
Healing Surge: Induce a Regional Drought (Healing surge daily to maintain)

Control Wind Currents as the belt


Mantle of Elijah

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