Hur'Aur, the White Light


Amulet of Hur’Aur +6
Level: ? Ancient
Cost: ? (probably black market only)


WRR / RRRR / RRRRB – Red 19, White 2, Blue Flavor

Property: Always sheds dim light 5 squares. True healing (not including regeneration) effects within the Aura add the enhancement bonus to their effect.
Minor: (At-Will) Spend one healing surge and make the following attack:
Burst 5
Target: All Creatures with Shadow Keyword
Attack: Charisma + Half Level (again) vs. Will
Hit: Weakened (Save Ends)
After-Effect: Weakened until end of it’s next turn (hit only)
Minor: (At-Will) Spend two healing surges and make the following attack:
Burst 10
Target: All Minions with the Shadow Keyword
Effect: Destroyed


Hur'Aur, the White Light

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