Hand of Balshazzar's Court


Property: Attacks with the fire keyword add the enhancement bonus of the gloves to damage
Property: Damage for attacks with the fire keyword is rolled twice, taking the higher of the two rolls
Property: Gain Immunity to Fire
Property: Gain an item bonus to initiative equal to the enhancement bonus of the glove
Property: Gain a Foresight pool equal to the enhancement bonus of the gloves
Property: Foresight pool is restored at the start of your turn
Property: Gain a Fly speed of 1
Property: You can burn inscriptions into walls with your finger
No Action: You may spend any number of unspent Foresight points to increase the results of a die roll (Attack, Damage, Save) or increase any defense (can be done after knowing the results of an attack roll). Anyone who can hear you can accept this bonus.
No Action, Healing Surge: At the start of your turn, before taking any actions, rolling any dice, or applying any effects or benefits, spend a healing surge. This temporarily delays your turn. At any point before the start of your next turn you can take your full action (even during the middle of another creatures turn).


Ancient Arcana Enchantments

  1. WYR
  2. YWOR
  3. WYOOR


Hand of Balshazzar's Court

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