Cullen's Bow


Cullen’s Bow +7
Level: ? Ancient
Cost: ? (probably black market only)

Red 55, Blue 24, Yellow 15, Pink 1
Property: Wielder gains an additional move/minor action each turn
Property: Regeneration equal to enhancement bonus
Property: Effects through this bow that grant basic attacks to allies grant at-will attacks, effects that grant at-will attacks grant standard actions, effects that grant minor actions grant move actions.
Property: Effects through this bow that cause forced movement add 2 to the forced movement
Healing Surge: (Free) – All enemies under an effect caused by the target hit can make a save (One effect per surge, all targets effected)

Blue Bolt (At-Will)
Variable Action: Make a RBA vs. Ally with an additional +10 vs. AC
Minor: Spend a Healing surge to end a condition a save can end
Standard: Roll damage, the target heals that amount
After Effect: Slide the Target 2 squares


Cullen's Bow

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