Bracelet of Niceness


Philanthropist’s Bracelet +4

Blue 48, Yellow 19, Red 7

Property: The bracelet cannot be removed except in death
Property: None of your healing effects that require healing surges require healing surges
Property: (No Action) Target you come into contact with heals of all wounds, illnesses, and injuries, you gain the wounds the target had
Property: All wounds, illnesses, and injuries you gains from this effect regenerate at a rate of enhancement bonus hps per round (above any other healing or regeneration), other healing times determined by GM
Minor: Give a healing surge to a target within enhancement bonus squares
Minor: Reduce your speed by any number down to a minimum of 0, grant a bonus to the speed of a target within enhancement bonus squares of an equal amount, sustain minor. If the target cannot move for any reason, it gains a land speed of this amount.
No Action: On your turn, you may forgo one of your actions, and grant that action to a target within enhancement bonus squares, that action they take on their next turn


Bracelet of Niceness

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