Bal Gaisos

weapon (melee)
One half of the spear of the heart tree; it's power is only granted to the avatar of the unnamed forest.
Weapon: Spear +6
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Property: You gain an item bonus to Nature checks equal to the spear's enhancement bonus.
Property: Classes that use totems can use this spear as an implement for class powers and paragon path powers.
Property: Increase the push or slide effect of any close or melee attack you perform by 1 square.
Ancient Magic: R-15,Y-6
Ancient Property (I): If an attack done with or channeled through this weapon kills a target, the user gains a free basic attack. If the user spends a healing surge they upgrade that banked free basic attack into a free standard action.
Ancient Property (II): At the cost of a healing surge that must remain committed, a user becomes attuned to this weapon.
Ancient Property (II): As long as the weapon remains intact, the user attuned to it does not age and does not suffer the affects of aging.
Ancient Property (II): As long as the weapon remains intact, the user attuned to it always knows where it is.
Ancient Property (II): When wielding, the user attuned to it can use 2 standard actions and 1 minor action every round instead of 1 standard action, 1 move action and 1 minor action.
Ancient Property (III): If the wielder performs a Double Move, he can spend a minor action to perform a third move action.
Ancient Property (III): By spending a standard action, move action and minor action on the same turn and standing adjacent to a living tree the wielder can teleport to any other living tree within line of sight.


See Kel’saris

Ancient Arcana Enchantments

  1. YRR (2 yellow charges & 1 red charge + converting 2 red charges from the existing enhancement)
  2. YRRR (3 yellow charges & 3 red charges)
  3. RRRYR (9 red charges & 1 yellow charge)

Bal Gaisos

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