Amulet of Belteshazzar - Gone


Amulet of Belteshazzar +2
Level: ? Ancient
Cost: ? (probably black market only)

This amulet bears a large diamond at its center which shifts color to match the resistance it provides: Orange – Fire, Green – Poison, Yellow – Lightning, Brown – Acid, Grey – Thunder, Blue – Cold, Purple – Psychic, Black – Necrotic, Silver – Radiant. The color intensifies as the resistance increases.

Property: Immediate Reaction, gains resistance against the type of a successful attack equal to enchantment or increases the items existing resistance by the enchantment bonus. Does not stack with other resistances. Does not offer untyped resistance. No maximum limit to resistance. Effects only first attack’s types. Increasing resistance must match all types.* Resistance ends at end of encounter.
Minor: (Encounter) Cancel current resistance (to allow a different resistance type)
Immediate Interrupt: (At-Will) Trigger: The encounter ends. Spend healing surges as follows:
1 Healing Surge: Preserve Resistance of 1-10 for 1 hour (or until next encounter ends).
2 Healing Surges: Preserve Resistance of 11-20 for 1 hour (or until next encounter ends).
3 Healing Surges: Preserve Resistance of 21+ for 1 hour (or until next encounter ends).

*i.e. if the first attack is Radiant and Thunder, the amulet provides Resistance 2 v. Radiant and Thunder. If hit by a Radiant only attack, the resistance does not change. It only increases if the target is hit with a Radiant and Thunder attack. However, if the amulet provides only Radiant resistance and is hit by a Radiant and Thunder attack, the Radiant resistance increases by 2.


Amulet of Belteshazzar - Gone

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