War Ruins Aeris

Session XVI

_Note: I missed at least 1 session in which the group made a cursory survey of the remaining rooms and fought the “necromancer” Osnappar who fled into the room with the Dragon.

Cullen – Kalashtar Bard – (Steve)
Erithys – Elven Ranger – (Gretchen)
Landen – Elven Sorcerer – (Scott)
Muy Serio – Bullywug Monk – (Jason)
Wil – Half-Elven Blackguard – (Dustin)

Otherwise Occupied:
Ignavus – Human Cleric – (Chris)
Kel’saris – Elven Ranger – (Ryan)

Taking Names

Cullen noted the first word of the announcement for each room. These are those words:

Dragon – “Leviathan”
Osnappar – “Osnappar”
Undead – “Lo-Hamaetah”
Child – “Walad”
Realty Bender – “Maemeer”
Mimic – “Namor”
Shadow – “Natzael”
Ice Creature – “Ruach”

(Previously Erythis had identified the frequent occurrence of the word, “harag”)


The group smashed and melted the remaining ice in the Spirit of Winter’s cell, taking a great deal of time, but finding nothing new.


The group killed the gargantuan mimic posing as a garden with a gazebo. Finding inside of it a level 6 magic item (chosen as armbands of archery).

Reality Bender

The other tentacle beast was taken it, which turned out to have the ability to shape reality to its needs. It created a tesseract, trapping the characters and splitting the group, and then attacking them individually. Nothing else was found in this room.

The Chest Below

The group gathered the resources from the chest of the thugs/thieves below: 300 gp and a distinctive circlet and a ring inscribed with the word, “Balance” in elven (neither magical).

Going Forward

The group discussed the what remained, since no final crystal was found:

- Kill the Werewolf (trapped below)
- The Spirit of Winter (trapped below)
- The Chamber with the Child & Asp
- The Dragon and the “Necromancer”

Of these, Cullen wanted strongly to kill the Werewolf, and the group determined that the crystal was almost certainly in the cell with the Dragon and Osnappar.



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