War Ruins Aeris

Session XIV

Note: 1 Retro active decision, see the last line of this post

Erithys – Elven Ranger – (Gretchen)
Kel’saris – Elven Ranger – (Ryan)
Muy Serio – Bullywug Monk – (Jason)
Wil – Half-Elven Blackguard – (Dustin)

Otherwise Occupied:
Cullen – Kalashtar Bard – (Steve)
Ignavus – Human Cleric – (Chris)
Landen – Elven Sorcerer – (Scott)


The group faced the second floor of the Prison: a long hallway, over 200 feet long, four doors on either side, and one at the end. Being informed about which room supposedly contained a dragon, they immediately concluded that this room would be avoided. Seeking the exit, they assumed the door at the end of the hall was most logical.

A Pedestal and a Wall

The room at the end of the hall contained a pedestal with 3 slots for 1-inch crystals, at the base of which were the shards of a 1-inch green crystal. On the wall behind it, were two columns of 3 slots each for half-inch crystals, separated by a width of about 8 feet. On top of the pedestal was a folded cloth which turned out to be the Mantle of Elijah.

Immediately the group chose to try filling the 6 half-inch slots with red crystals, which opened a portal in the wall into a large octagonal room, leading to a pointed ceiling, 90 feet above. At the center of the room is a large platform about a foot above the ground with slots for 3 2-inch crystals on its surface.

Only having 2 1-inch crystals and 2 2-inch crystals, the group decided to explore the other rooms.

A Child

The first room was 50’ by 50’ with a circle of ancient writing at the center. In the corner of the room sat a small boy petting an asp. Cullen discerned that the circle possessed an ancient magical aura, but there were no other auras present, so the boy was re-sealed in the room.


The next door open contained a surprised humanoid creature wearing a red 1-inch crystal around its neck. Surprising the creature, Kel charged in and was followed by Wil. Erythis discerned the creature was undead. It possessed threatening reach with claws which grabbed. It made bite attacks which included flying movement, and it teleported frequently. It used a burst attack which sucked in the life around it. In never became “bloodied” and shortly after it was put down, there was a burst effect the cascaded outward until it sucked in life, which functioned through walls. The group could not see the creature, but suspected it healed (12 hps) from the effect)

Rest and Change

The group returned to the first floor to rest and found the dynamics had changed. The Ancient had come out from its corner and was lingering in the entrance/pit room. The leader of the thugs was acting like the ancients who were with “the” ancient, and the other thugs seemed tense with the arrangement. The group however did not talk to or engage them in any way.

Checking the first floor, they found it other wise the same.

The group took an extended rest in the in the room with the fruit trees and decided they would experiment with the pedestal and the 1-inch crystals, now that they possessed 3, and then would return a fight the ancient. (because I didn’t have the stats for that fight with me)


The group returned to the pedestal with 3 1-inch crystals, 2 red and 1 yellow. They learned that any combination of crystals produced a white light above the pedestal. They also tried the following:

YRR with mundane gloves on pedestal – no effect
YRR with a half-inch red crystal – Crytsal exploded (2d6 damage)
RRY Detected as stronger ancient magic than YRR
RRY with Wil’s Sword, inherited from his father – increased its enchantment by 2
RRY with Muy’s Staf, ____ – increase the enhancement by 2
YRR with Kel’s Spear, acquired through trial – new property providing extra actions
RYR with Erythis’s Bow, given to her by her mentor – gained critical related properties
RRY with (non-ancient) Magic Armor, found in the temple – no effect
RRY with Erythis’s “spirit” stone – gained a property (ret-conned, from my in game ruling)



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