War Ruins Aeris

Session X

Cullen – Kalashtar Bard – (Steve)
Erithys – Elven Ranger – (Gretchen)
Ignavus – Human Cleric – (Chris)
Kel’saris – Elven Ranger – (Ryan)
Landen – Elven Sorcerer – (Scott)
Muy Serio – Bullywug Monk – (Jason)
Wil – Half-Elven Blackguard – (Dustin)

Otherwise Occupied:


After nearly dying at the hands of the Shaman and his plant terror, the group escaped and rested in order to be completely healed. But them chose to circle around and attack from the room’s other entrance.

Entering into the other hedge room, they found more of the scythe and short sword wielding plant creatures, but also a large dire bore and a hag, disguising itself as a hostage. Though they presented a small challenge, the group defeated them, save for the sword-wielder, who escaped invisible into the next room.

With the options of going through doors to the north or following the invisible swordsman west, they made their pursuit after about 15 minutes. In the next room, they found a deep bit, the source of the plant’s dirt for growing. Here they fought with a Satyr, 3 Shambling Mounds, and 2 plant creatures.

Checking the adjoining room, Wil found 500 gp in with the bones of bodies that have nourished the soil, among other mundane equipment.

Left with a choice of north or south, the group took an extended rest and moved south to take on the Shaman again. Kel, after preparations, went around to the previous entrance.

Combating the Shaman

With sufficient preparation, the group faced little challenge taking on the Shaman, his bear, and the plant terror.

Searching the area and the two adjoining rooms, the group found the following:

  • A 1-inch long yellow gem on the body of the shaman
  • A book written in a plant language from the alter
  • 400 gp, 1 500 gp gem, and a 10th level neck item in one room
  • 400 gp and a 8th level armor in the other room.
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