War Ruins Aeris

Session IX

(Reconstructed, so some details may be less than accurate, etc. – Feel Free to post comments about errors)

Cullen – Kalashtar Bard – (Steve)
Erithys – Elven Ranger – (Gretchen)
Kel’saris – Elven Ranger – (Ryan)
Muy Serio – Bullywug Monk – (Jason)
Wil – Half-Elven Blackguard – (Dustin)

Otherwise Occupied:
Ignavus – Human Cleric – (Chris)
Landen – Elven Sorcerer – (Scott)

Storage Rooms

The group followed the quickling into the next room and were confronted with the Large plant creature, a bear, and a plant creature with magic, in addition to the quickling. The room contained four monoliths and many trees.

The group was forced to retreat and in the process managed to kill the quickling.

In the process, the group learned the following about the defenses:

The Trees attack (at start of your turn) any space within 2 of the trunks.
The Plant Caster can cast Close Burst 5 effects, center on himself or any of the monoliths.
The Plant Caster has an Aura 5, 5 Poison damage.
The Plant Caster one attack causes poison damage and daze.
The Large Plant has threatening reach and can slide.
The Large Plant seems to heal when he shifts.
The Large Plant has aura 1, difficult terrain.

The group is hold up in the color-lock door room.

No session this Sunday (thus why I posted the combat info).



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